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Pubs and Bars

Pubs, bars and alehouses in Dundee. Some pubs serve food. Closing times may vary..



  • The Bar Valencia

    Based in Dock Street, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 224436
    Address: 16 Dock Street, Dundee, Angus, DD1 3DP
  • The Barn

    Based in Nursery Road, Broughty Ferry.
    Tel: 01382 730191
    Address: Campfield Square, Nursery Road, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Angus, DD5 2PU
  • The Bay Horse Bar

    Based in Polepark Road, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 228962
    Address: 2 Polepark Road, Dundee, Angus, DD1 5QS
  • The Beat Bar

    Based in Meadowside, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 227395
    Address: 51-53 Meadowside, Dundee, Angus, DD1 1EQ
  • The Bell Tree

    Based in Panmurefield, Broughty Ferry.
    Tel: 01382 738112
    Address: Panmurefield, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Angus, DD5 3RA
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  • The Boars Rock

    Based in Arbroath Road, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 453888
    Address: 168 Arbroath Road, Dundee, Angus, DD4 7PY
  • The Bread

    Based in Constitution Road, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 322147
    Address: 33-37 Constitution Road, Dundee, Angus, DD1 1LF
  • The Bush Bar

    Based in Seagate, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 877891
    Address: 30 Seagate, Dundee, Angus, DD1 2EQ
  • The Capitol

    Based in Seagate, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 205950
    Address: 7-9 Seagate, Dundee, Angus, DD1 2EG
  • The Cask

    Based in Albert Street, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 451171
    Address: 1-3 Albert Street, Dundee, Angus, DD4 6NS
  • The Charleston Bar

    Based in Charleston Drive, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 665532
    Address: 83 Charleston Drive, Dundee, Angus, DD2 2HB
  • The Counting House

    Based in Reform Street, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 225251
    Address: 67-71 Reform Street, Dundee, Angus, DD1 1SP
  • The Eagle Inn

    Based in King Street, Broughty Ferry.
    Tel: 01382 779819
    Address: 155 King Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Angus, DD5 2AX
  • The Frews

    Based in Strathmartine Road, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 810975
    Address: 113 Strathmartine Road, Dundee, Angus, DD3 7SD
  • The Glen Livit

    Based in Strathmartine Road, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 858477
    Address: 93 Strathmartine Road, Dundee, Angus, DD3 7RX
  • The Glens

    Based in Clepington Road, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 815455
    Address: 266 Clepington Road, Dundee, Angus, DD3 8DY
  • The Globe Bar

    Based in West Port, West Port.
    Tel: 01382 224712
    Address: The Globe Bar, West Port, Dundee, Angus, DD1 5EP
  • The Hawthorne Bar

    Based in Hilltown, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 200514
    Address: 154-158 Hilltown, Dundee, Angus, DD3 7BJ
  • The High Corner

    Based in Kinghorne Road, Dundee.
    Tel: 01382 810200
    Address: 53 Kinghorne Road, Dundee, Angus, DD3 6PR
  • The Ivanhoe Bar

    Based in High Street, Lochee.
    Tel: 01382 610105
    Address: 185 High Street, Lochee, Dundee, Angus, DD2 3DB
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